Helping voucher holders find opportunity neighborhoods in the Dallas Metroplex

Find out if an address is in a Walker Targeted Area? or may be eligible as a Historically Off-limit Area.?

  • CDFI Distress Index
    The CDFI Distress Index was created by the U.S. Treasury Department and measures the level of distress in a neighborhood (census tract).
  • Census tract
    Census tracts are small areas of a county that are assigned a number by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • High Opportunity Areas
    HOAs have less poverty than Walker Targeted Areas and better ranking schools.
  • HUD Opportunity Index
    The Opportunity Index was created by HUD to help voucher holders identify opportunity neighborhoods (low poverty rates, rental units at or below market rates, fewer households using federal housing assistance).
  • Walker Targeted Areas
    WTAs have less poverty and less minority concentration. It is where Walker Settlement Vouchers must be used.