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Find out if an address is in a Walker Targeted Area? or may be eligible as a Historically Off-limit Area.?



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Historically Off-limit Areas (HOAs)? provide access to good schools, safe neighborhoods, healthy environments as well as economic opportunities. If you have a Dallas Housing Authority voucher and are searching for a property in an HOA (in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall or Tarrant counties), you may be eligible for additional ICP assistance. A counselor must check the school and “confirm” the HOA status before financial assistance may be considered.

Place your cursor over the map and hold down your left mouse button to move the map around the seven county area.

OrangeHistorically Off-limit Area "eligible"YellowOrangeWalker Targeted Areas

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Note the cities that are Walker Targeted Areas (for WS voucher holders) and Historically Off-limit Area "eligible".


Search for rental listings on outside websites.  Below are some examples. (ICP is not responsible for outside website content.)


When you have located a property, come back, enter the address and check the location’s status. Previously, you may have been eligible for ICP moving assistance if you had a Dallas Housing Authority voucher and ICP checked the school to conform HOA status. But presently, ICP does not have the resources to provide move-related financial assistance.